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.Emerging Technologies
.Supply Chain and Logistics
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Enterprise Information System Technologies

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"The acceleration of digital change creates opportunities for those amenable to strategic adaptation.
By building upon stable solutions, embracing technology trends, and driving research in computing science we create knowledge capital for decision support, secure systems, and enable competitive advantage."

Message from our Chief Human

Did you know?

17-Year High

Data Breaches are at a 17-year high.

$4.24m Cost

Average cost of data breaches is $4.24 Million.

97% of Firms

97% of firms have been impacted by a cyber security breach in their supply chain.

$400m Paid

Ransomware payments have accouted for more than $400 million globally

What we do

Premier Global Technology Solutions:

.Machine Learning/AI
.System governance
.System integration
.Cloud computing
.Cyber security
.Data analytics

Product Architecture & Strategy

This offering may include but not limited to planning, design, policy, compliance, gap analysis, risk management, and roadmaps.

Development & Engineering

This offering may include, but not limited to build, test, monitoring, performance, optimization, and automation.

Digital Forensics & Threat Investigation

This offering may include, but not limited to data mining, prediction, event/anomaly detection. Discovery of system vulnerablites from a trusted defensive or offensive posture.

Advanced Statistical Modeling & Data Fusion

This offering may include, but not limited to detection, classification, and forecasting. Use and creation of supervised/unsupervised machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision algorithms.

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Our objective is frictionless technology delivery and operational resilience that demonstrates ownership, accountability, and responsiblity through every efficient encounter and productive resolution.

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Our mission is to deliver high quality, value-based solutions while remaining globally competitive, maintaining productive professional relationships, developing individuals, helping the community, and contributing to the growth and maturity of computing sciences.

Our Value

Simple Business Proposition with Purpose

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Our vision is to achieve sustainable growth through continuous improvement of our people, processes, and technologies, focusing on our core competancies, fostering emerging solutions, and levering quantitative computing methods to improve integration decisions that augment applications and infrastructure for competitive advantage.

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Our Quality Policy is to strive for 100% customer satisfaction and retention. Our Engagement Policy is to treat others with dignity and respect in a manner that merits reciprocity, instills ethical values, promotes integrity and virtuous leadership.

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